Facial Recognition for hygienic, contactless verification

“Many stores track employee arrivals and departures using conventional punched time cards. This system invites fraud and buddy punching,” warns Peter Noppé, managing director of Uniclox Technologies®.

Control Time and Attendance with RFID

Stop payroll fraud with this intelligent, RFID automated time clock from Uniclox Technologies.  The fast, no-touch system clocks employees from up to 10cm away – they do not have to stop and slide the card through a slot. Uniclox is offering the TK110 Proximity Terminal with Attendance Register software worth R1,200.

Automate your timesheet data collection

Do your punched timecards give you the level of timely and accurate reporting you need to track and manage absenteeism and productivity? An automated system will ensure payroll accuracy by reducing fraud and eliminating manual calculation errors.

Hands-on automated clocking

You can now afford a top notch biometric time and attendance or access control solution to prevent payroll fraud and stock losses. Uniclox Technolopgies is offering RFID or biometric terminals as well as conventional time clocks at reduced prices.

Uniclox Year End Specials

Manage employee absenteeism this Christmas - now you can take leave with complete peace of mind. Stop payroll fraud now with this intelligent, biometric automated time clock from Uniclox Technologies. Clock your employees quickly and efficiently even in the hoidays when there is no supervision. Then download transactions to either USB memory stick or a networked PC.

Managing absenteeism over the holidays

Unscheduled worker absences increase around the Christmas holidays as employees take time to do Christmas shopping, have long lunches and generally take advantage of the absence of supervisors.

This pattern of abuse results in poor PRODUCTIVITY and lowers staff MORALE amongst those who work consistently.

Uniclox will exhibit at IFSEC 2013

Uniclox Technologies®’ will exhibited successfully at IFSEC 2013, demonstrating their range of Hand scanner terminals. Manufacturing and construction companies find these terminals are more consistent because they are unaffected by dirt, paint, chemicals or damage to the fingertips.

On Promotion

Uniclox Technologies, leaders in Time & Attendance, is offering new units at reduced prices due to our newly acquired status as Authorized Security Distributor of Ingersoll Rand and Schlage products. All products below come with a full Uniclox Technologies Warrantee.

Items in the HandPunch® Range include:

  • HandPunch® 1000 hand geometry readers
  • HandPunch® 2000 hand geometry readers
  • HandPunch® 3000 hand geometry readers
  • HandKeyII® hand geometry readers
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